Architectural Photography

Whether you're building your first professional portfolio or managing a large scale hospitality project I have extensive experience in the architectural photography realm having handled numerous projects for clients ranging from small sole proprietors to ongoing large scale shoots for luxury hospitality clients involving hundreds of locations. I go beyond merely providing photos and offer expert advice, guidance, and valuable logistical expertise to ensure your project is an enjoyable process that exceeds your expectations. 

I offer commercial architectural and interior design photography services for a variety of clients: Architects, Interior Designers, Design/Build Firms, Commercial Hospitality, Contractors/Skilled Craftsmen, and Luxury Real Estate.

Here's how it works:

For each image we'll be shooting tethered to an iPad. This enables us to review each image in real time with special attention paid to composition, lighting, and staging. We'll begin each image with a discussion on compositional options that will portray the space at it's best, I'll then go about handling the technical aspects and create a test shot. We'll analyze the test shot, refine the composition if needed, move furniture, remove distracting clutter, tweak the lighting as required and make sure everything is perfect. Need a piece of furniture moved 6" to the right to make everything lines up just right, no problem! When the final composition and lighting are to your satisfaction I'll create the final images and we move on to the next shot. Due to the unique nature of this process we can create approximately 2 images an hour, though some shoots may go faster or slower depending on the project.