How large or small are the projects you take on?

I have experience and expertise in working with a range of clients from large scale luxury hospitality organizations with well over 100 locations, to boutique owner/operartor design/build firms. Every client gets the same attention to detail and high quality imagery. Large hospitality jobs involving multiple properties are handled on a contract basis, and are delivered resized ready to upload per your system's specifications in a foolproof file naming database to ensure there is no question as to which image goes with what property. 

Can you meet on site to see and discuss the project beforehand?

Absolutely, in fact I encourage it- especially on larger projects. While I have shown up to a number of projects site unseen and produced top quality imagery that has exceeded the client's needs, I always like to have a chance to view and discuss the the project before the shoot date. This allows me to walk through and develop a "shot list" with the client and make appropriate notes regarding optimum time of day, styling/staging considerations, whether I need to hire an assistant for the day of the shoot, etc...

How many images do you deliver?

It depends on the scope/scale of the project and the client's needs. For instance- a builder may want comprehensive documentation of the project for future reference and marketing needs, while the cabinetry company may only require one/two images that showcase the kitchen for a print marketing campaign. The architect may require 4 images, but each image may require a separate trip to the location to shoot the image to achieve a specific direction of light and feel. Everybody's needs are different. 

But _____ photographer/company delivers 50+ images for $99...

Well that's great for them, but I assure you they aren't delivering images like the ones you see in my portfolio, nor providing the level of service and attention to detail that I am known for. I'm a firm believer in quality, not quantity and to create the high quality images that you see on this site requires a thoughtful approach to composition, styling, and a strong knowledge of supplementary lighting (I bring 70lbs of gear onsite..) to get images that you will want to use to set your brand apart. I refuse to deliver "fluff" just to boost the image count. A client looking at your business will form a much more favorable impression from seeing 10 outstanding images than 50 mediocre ones they don't even bother to click all the way through. You won't find sloppy technique or a fix it in Photoshop attitude here. 

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, both onsite and over the phone. All major card types are accepted, and checks are okay too. 

How soon do you deliver images after the shoot?

Typically within 24-48 hours. 

How do you deliver images?

I deliver images electronically in two sets: one set resized to optimum web standards ready to upload and use immediately. The second set of images are delivered optimized for print use in a separate folder. Files are labeled accordingly so there isn't any confusion as to which is what. It's a simple, fast, and amazingly easy system. If you have a specific file format/size requirement after the initial delivery you can email or call and I can get that file to you the same day. 

How do you create images, do you use HDR?

I rely on years of experience and careful field technique to create images with a high level level of attention to detail, composition, styling, and lighting. Almost all images require some degree of supplemental lighting to achieve a natural look, retain stunning window views, and mitigate color cast issues. Some images may require multiple frames composited in Photoshop. I select the methods most appropriate to the composition in front of me. But no, I don't take a bunch of photos, run them through automated HDR software, and call it "good" or "finished."